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The Power of Mentoring

“Men need good men, especially our priest, to commiserate with, to vent, to normalize what we feel, problem solve and help us to follow Christ.”

Bishop JOHN (Abdalah)


The Pursuit of Authenticity

We blast through some false ideals about manhood, and instead, we introduce the concept that real men take all that they were in their boyhood and grow it up to serve


The Pursuit of Intentionality

Becoming a man means we have to focus less on trying to be something, and more on how we intentionally choose to relate to others.


The Pursuit of Priorities

Learn how to identify temptations and put them into proper perspective. Our team will equip you with alternatives to succumbing to temptation and a roadmap to connect to your inner life.


The Pursuit of God

Men need to be in relationship. Men need other men. And in the Orthodox Church, we also know that men need committed participation in the life of the Church community.